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What Causes Pipes to Break?

Whenever you have a plumbing problem, it typically has to do with your pipes. A burst, leaking, or broken pipe isn’t fun to deal with, but you can stop a lot of plumbing problems before they start by understanding why they happen.

The most common cause for a pipe to break is water pressure. Water pressure is created when pipes and pumps move water from pressure tanks to your water main, and then into your house. The water pressure typically controls the flow of the water. A trickle of water means low pressure, while a torrent means you have high pressure.

plumbing repair centennial

Having water pressure that is too high can put a strain on your pipes, and can eventually cause them to burst. By taking steps to control the water pressure in your home, you can reduce the strain and you won’t have to call plumbing repair centennial professionals.

The Cold Weather

Having cold water in a pipe can lead to clogging and other accidents. If water freezes while in a pipe, it stops the flow of water from coming into your house and creates a buildup of pressure that can cause the pipe to explode.

In order to prevent the water in your pipes from freezing, you should leave the faucets on and allow a trickle of water to run through. This helps prevent pipes from freezing. Additionally, leaving the heat on in your home can also help.

Look at Problems in your Area

Of course, if you live in an area where the weather doesn’t freeze, you won’t have to worry about that. Take a look at your area and the pressures your pipes go through over a year. Once you figure out potential problems your pipes may face, then you can put steps in place to make sure you reduce the chance of the pipes bursting.